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My name is Jenna and I am a boutique wedding photographer based in California’s great bay area. My style is natural, organic and photo-journalistic. Here on my blog you’ll find a collection of my favorite images and recent work, from weddings to families to personal travel and inspirations. Click on “Portfolio” to head on over to my main website. I’m glad you’re here and I look forward to documenting your story!

Brady & Michelle {Ojai Engagement}


There is a Nick Kelsh Radio Show (How to photograph your baby) on f/b.  My favorite part about the show is that he allows everyone to pick their favorite photo and then he tells you what is great or needs work about it.  Everyone then learns from other people’s photos too.  Would you ever consider providing a service like this?  I know NK fb page is free but I think this is a service people would pay for.  I am in agreement to keep those photos coming but also don’t get burnt out.  Don’t break for too long:) carinsurance

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My wife has noticed that wtirers sometimes don’t make the best beta readers as they often given comments based on how they would have written the story differently as opposed to how to make the story, as written, better. She has also found it necessary to make sure that she has both girls and guys beta read as what gets caught by each gender tends to be very different. From personal experience volunteering as a slush reader at a semi-pro magazine it is possible ~90% of the time to tell if a girl or guy wrote a short story just by the way it is written, published books are generally similar. This is especially true with dialogue and showing emotion of male and female characters. She has let me know that all romances are written as lesbian love affairs, from the point of view of dialogue and how emotions are shown.

By Brawon on 10.18.13

I should phreaps write an article at some point on the problems with letting writers particular striving writers read your stuff. There are a whole bunch of modern writing sins that only other writers will object to, because they’ve all taken the same writing courses. Normal readers don’t care about any of that stuff, they haven’t been told it is wrong, and they read books like that all the time.The problem is, of course, that no one is more interested in reading newly written works than other writers. It’s hard to find Beta Readers who are not.

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